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A mixed media painting of a vase of flowers on a table. The paint is very textured with heavy impasto and crosshatching. The vase is shaped like a wine bottle and is painted with shades of yellow, brown, cream, and orange. Inside the vase are three flowers. Two of the flowers are grey and wilted. The flower in the center of the vase is upright and a bright yellow green color. The background is a gray blue with a purple shadow behind the vase. The table the vase is on is a murky fuschia mixed with orange.
Renascence by Rebecca Nagle, 2020, Mixed Media, 18”x24”

Still Life of Your Mother

By Peter Fowler

sitting on the plaid couch,

arms hugging bent knees, 

in a window-lit one room apartment.

over there, beyond her

a kitchen with two pots

a dishrag next to a glass

a spoon holding onto

an old drip of black coffee.

her face is drawn

to the long shadows of late afternoon

so we cannot see her 

Is she thinking or crying 

or stoned?

On the small table beside her,

wilting flowers,

a blue lighter, a pack of cigarettes,

a minnie mouse mug,

all the things in her life.

About the Poet

A native of Massachusetts, Peter Fowler currently lives and walks his two greyhounds on the south shore. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education from Suffolk University, and loving the college campus vibe, Peter has been a student affairs professional in Boston for over twenty years. Peter’s poetry is sometimes a practice in mindfulness, giving focus to a particular thing. Other times, his poetry is therapeutic, an attempt at trying to figure things out.

About the Artist

Cape Ann-based artist Rebecca Anne Nagle, is a newly developing artist attending Montserrat College of Art as a painting major. As a professional figure skater, she has always been a very physical person creating marks and patterns on thick sheets of ice with the subtlety of body weight and various pressures through the blades on her feet. That physicality often gets transferred onto canvas. Movement provides a template for edgy and abstract mark making, repetition, and exploration of color theory.  Interesting exploratory social and political commentary pieces are created when there is a forge between the integrity of the subject matter and the goal of exuding empathy.  Experimenting with pastel, acrylic and collage, as well as various surfaces, brings depth to the work.