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Feeding Time

An acrylic painting of great horned owls feasting on hares. There are four owls and all of them are in flight. The owls are swooping down to the grass to catch the frantic hares. The scene takes place at night and the grass is painted with shades of blue. Black shadows are cast over the grass from the owls in the air.
Feeding Time by Justine Sczepczenski, 2020, Acrylic Paint, 14”x11”

Fury Palinode

By Thomas Mixon

        Mayhem’s body’s undefined

& malleable & kind to us

         reliant on its currents,

its fluctuating shapelessness.

         We drift on a whim of a wing

& a prayer for full fields

         below. Our chance encounters

bulge with sharp plasticity.

         I sweep & then I’m swept

up by even larger gusts

         & inconsistencies.

I’m not aware of any rage

         behind the ends of days we cause

unairborne things to try and fly

         away from. Varied outcomes

turbine toward us constantly.

         It’s only mean if you inhabit

vessels we’re directed at,

         bouncing feats of energy

we can’t expect to understand

         our vague organization

& passive master plan.

About the Poet

Thomas Mixon is not Tom Mix, though sometimes composts his fan mail, or bulky offers for Current Resident, was called Tommy Tomato for years on the bus, and has poems in EVENT, San Pedro River Review, Channel, and elsewhere.

About the Artist

Justine Sczepczenski is a current student majoring in Illustration at Montserrat College of Art in her Sophomore year. In “Feeding Time” she illustrates a dramatic clash between a group of owls descending on their prey.