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Tupelo Press

Tupelo Press

We’ve devoted our 22 years of work to widening audiences, especially underserved audiences, for contemporary poetry and literary prose by writers of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We provide a platform for women writers, writers of color, the LGBTQ, immigrant, and Native American communities. We work also to develop wider audiences for, and deeper understanding of, innovative, multi-cultural writing by global participants in this dialogue. Long devoted to discovering important emerging writers, we’ve launched the careers of several notable poets. Tupelo Press has published more than 250 well-reviewed titles, so many of them prize-winning, and all, we believe, necessary.

Visit Us: 60 Roberts Drive, North Adams, Massachusetts 01247, United States


Four Quartets: Poetry in the Pandemic, edited by Kristina Marie Darling and Jeffrey Levine

In this anthology, established and emerging poets bear witness to the COVID-19 pandemic. This volume consists of sixteen chapbooks, and a collection of photography, which are unified by a shared narrative: public and private experiences of quarantine, and the impulse toward creation during a time of upheaval, injustice, and protest.

The Pact by Jennifer Militello

Award-winning poet and memoirist Jennifer Militello confronts obsession, intimacy, and abuse. The Pact offers an indictment against affection and a portent against zeal. This book places pleasure alongside pain, even as it delivers Militello’s trademark talent for innovation and ritualization of the strange.

I Will Not Name It Except to Say by Lee Sharkey

I Will Not Name It Except to Say is a luminous exploration of grief that carries the heritage of others who came before, including painters and others who lived through WWI and the Holocaust.