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Nixes Mate

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Nixes Mate is a navigational hazard in Boston Harbor. We have been publishing all 26 letters of the alphabet since 2016. We are unafraid of punctuation; semicolons don’t frighten us. Not even a little bit. We feature small-batch artisanal literature, created by writers who’ve been honing their craft the time-honored way: one line at a time.


Dog-Walking In the Shadow of Pyongyang by Devon Balwit

Even in the shadow of disaster, Devon Balwit finds poetry everywhere – from contemplating the earth’s mild obliquity that gives us seasons to reading a bumper sticker exhorting Make Portland Holy.

2 a.m. with Keats by Eileen Cleary

It would minimize the reach of this brilliant collection to call it an elegy or a eulogy, or even a love story to Lucie Brock-Broido or John Keats – though it is all of those things.

Nike Adjusting Her Sandal by Anastasia Vassos

Between the demands of the erotic and the dearness of the familial, between Eros and Agape, the triumph of Nike Adjusting Her Sandal is in the poise of the poems, as ready for lyric flight as they are prepared for our earth-bound human condition.