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From the Festival Director

From the Festival Director,

In addition to our amazing and generous sponsors, I’d also like to thank:

The Programming Committee: Kathleen Aguero, Kevin Carey, J.D. DebrisOliver De La Paz, and Susan Roney-O’Brien

The Festival Committee: Michael Ansara, Julie Barry, Shari Caplan, Kevin Carey, Kate Fox, Tom Johnston, Dan Lipcan, Kate Luchini, Amy Macdonald, Colleen Michaels, Porsha Olayiwola, Dawn Paul, Catherine Roberston, J.D. Scrimgeour, Amanda Shea, Kylie Sullivan, and Ellen Talkowsky

The Marketing Committee: Jennifer Close, Brittany DiCologero, Karen Gahagan, Cindy Veach, and Melissa Woods

Our website developer: Nicole Hill

Our logo and brand designer: María Ines Montes

Our interns from Montserrat College of Art and Salem State University: Joseph Bova, Leslie Dami, Brooke Delp, Helena Elliott, Mae Fraser, Christina Gelin, Xinrui (Bliss) Jiang, Dylan McDougall, Meghan Miraglia, and Gabrielle Vitiello

The teams over at the Dodge Poetry Festival, Boston Book Fest, Academy of American Poets and the Tell It Slant Poetry Festival

The Mass Poetry Board: Michael Ansara, Donna Glick, Amy Gorin, Gregg LeStage, Nicco Mele, January O’Neil, Amanda Shea, Liesel Pritzker Simmons

And the amazing Mass Poetry team who have been working tirelessly to help bring back the Festival: Aishvarya, Crystal, Daniel, Erica, Henry, Isaiah, Kaylin, Natalia, Owen, Peter, and Talia.  Read more about the team on  Mass Poetry’s website.

—M.P. Carver