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2021 Accessibility Services

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival is committed to making all reasonable arrangements that will allow conference attendees to participate in conference events. Below are the measures we are taking to ensure the Festival is as inclusive as possible and accessible to all.

Online Event Space

This year our Festival will take place virtually on Zoom. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the accessibility features on the platform. Explore accessibility on Zoom.

Closed Captioning and Interpreters

Closed captioning will be available for all events. ASL interpreters will be available at select non-headliner events. Transcriptions of headliner events will be available following the Festival weekend. A transcription of the walking audio tour of Salem, MA will also be available upon request.

We are also requesting that all presenters and headliners screenshare what they are reading so attendees can follow along.

If you would like to request an interpreter for an event, please let us know by May 1st, 2021.

Blind and Low-Vision Services

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival has included ALT text on our website wherever possible.

Additionally, we would like to encourage the practice of having attendees physically describe themselves at the beginning of meetings or interactions on Zoom. A comprehensive accessibility guide for Zoom will be released prior to the festival to provide recommendations to presenters and attendees on what they can do to make events accessible.


All questions and accommodations requests can be sent to Kaylin at [email protected].